Bob Riley
Coldwell Banker Realty

"I cannot fully express how much of a joy it was to work with Bob. His professionalism, courtesy and consistently positive attitude made the stress of buying our first home something my wife and I didn't have to deal with. Bob walked with us every step of the process and went far above and beyond what either of us ever expected from a realtor. If you need an honest, hard-working and amazing realtor, seriously look no further than Bob Riley."  --Tim C.


"If I could rate Bob a TEN in Responsiveness, I would, for that is where he excels. I have known him for many years. He has served as realtor for my daughter and for friends, and he doesn't fail to wow them with his integrity and his commitment to do everything in his power to get top dollar for the  properties he represents. In fact, in a recent listing, Bob and his wife staged the entire home with furniture from their own home and that he had purchased. The home was gorgeous! You see his commitment also in the fact that he hires a professional photographer to photograph his properties so that the listing provide and appealing yet honest representation of the home. This is a breath of fresh air in this culture where too many realtors use their cell phones to take poor quality images and pass them off as acceptable, doing their clients a disservice. Bob will serve his clients as if they were family. It doesn't get any better than this!"  --Chris P.


"I have used several agents in the past to buy properties. I always felt that they were working for themselves and pushing the biggest properties and loans, so they could get the biggest commission. Bob is DIFFERENT! Bob worked for me. When looking at properties, he listened to what I wanted and he showed me what I was looking for.  Also, he helped me determine a fair offer which was well below asking price by digging deeper and doing his homework. Just before he was negotiating a deal for me, he called me and told me about some other comps he looked at and suggested I lower my offer by 10K and I did and the offer was taken. Bob saved me 10K! If you want an agent who has integrity, goes the extra mile, is super easy to work with, is very knowledgeable of the market, and makes the process understandable and easy, Bob is your agent.  Six months after I bought my property, my doorbell rang and I got a beautiful poinsettia for Christmas from Bob. I was very touched by this and so many little touches Bob does as an agent. I fully recommend him, I tell others about him and I will use him again."  --Daniel S.


"Bob Riley is a gem in a field of sand. I have never encountered a man who encompasses such integrity, compassion and knowledge in his work. Bob is so trustworthy and honest. You tend to forget you are his client because he cares for you like a dear friend. I admire Bob so much for the investment he makes in each situation. The real estate world is brutal but having Bob in my corner made the process easy, quick and stress-free. His love of life and career are contagious. I will use Bob, and recommend Bob, for the rest of my life! He is the real deal.

If you want a real estate agent that makes you feel like a number call someone else! If you want the best heart and mind in the business, call BOB RILEY! I guarantee you will be so grateful you did. (I know I am!)"  --Taryn R.


 "We first met Bob Riley as a referral from a trusted friend. From the beginning, my husband and I were impressed with Bob's calm demeanor and personable approach. He was very responsive to all our inquiries. Bob really listened and cared about our desires and needs. He is a man of integrity who demonstrated his trustworthiness and kindness through the whole process. He has a very talented wife, Pam, who assisted us with staging our home for maximum appeal. Bob's professional advice and guidance resulted in the sale of our home in two days with an offer more than our asking price. We could not have been more pleased with our home selling experience! Thank you Bob!"  --Theresa M.


"Bob did everything I would expect a realtor to do, and much more. He evaluated what needed to be done to upgrade the house before we put it on the market. He provided recommendations for contractors and made many of the arrangements himself. The staging of the house was impeccable. Bob says that the key to selling a house is to make people want to come see it, and price it correctly so that it sells quickly. He did all that and the house sold in 3 days. He was always available and quick to lend a hand. I'd recommend him to others in a heartbeat!"  --Gwen W.


"Bob has helped my parents and several friends buy their homes. He has also helped us look at property. In every case, Bob has gone the extra mile. He is polite, courteous, fun to work with and very wise. Most realtors ask questions and fill out forms. Bob listens. He listens carefully at the beginning so that he knows exactly what you are looking for, and then he keeps listening throughout the process so that he can find the perfect place for you. He also knows how to talk to other agents and homeowners so that you get the very best information possible. But more than that Bob is honest and caring. He realizes that he is there to serve you, and so he goes above and beyond to make sure things are right. Plus, he very personable. Buying a house can often be a stressful job, but Bob makes sure that you have fun in the process and that there are no negative surprises. If I was in the market again, Bob would be my first (and only) call. He is that good."  --Dane L.


"It's hard to describe Bob Riley because it's difficult to put into words a man who is a life-saver. When my daughter's mother in law needed to move from the Midwest to Baltimore city we asked Bob to do the impossible. He had to find a house in a specific area that was in a specific price range  and could accommodate 3 German Shepherd dogs. He had a very limited time to do this because her house sold. He did it. He found the perfect house that was made into a new home.

The next year we asked Bob to help my aging in-laws sell their home and move to a retirement community. Bob took on the role of a trusted family member. He acted as though he were a son to my father in law. Bob and Pam spent hours of hand holding, down sizing, staging, moving, and lovingly assisting us with this very emotional process. There are no words of thanks or remuneration to pay him back. In fact, Bob sent me gifts of appreciation! When my husband and I sell the home of our memories, there is no other person I would trust to handle this except for Bob Riley!"  --
Diana B.


"Bob was a wonderful realtor for my wife and me. He was very knowledgeable and was exceedingly patient as we looked at over 50 homes trying to figure out our priorities. His guidance helped us immensely and we really ended up in the right house because of it. When it came time to put in offers he was very thorough, so much so that our lawyer pointed out how rare it was so see a realtor put that much time and effort altering a contact to protect his clients. He did a great job negotiating for us on the home we ended up buying, not only on the price of the house but with all the repairs we asked for as well. More than anything we always felt Bob had our best interest at heart and that we could really trust him. I encourage you to give him a call!"  --Steve C.


"From our first discussion about selling my home, I felt very comfortable with Bob Riley and knew I could trust him. He worked with and for me during the entire time I was preparing for the sale. His knowledge and advice were excellent and he was always ready to lend a helping hand if needed. Being a new widow at the time, I counted on Bob to be honest and helpful, which he was. Nothing was too much trouble. I am convinced that without his assistance I could not have sold my house so quickly. The For Sale sign went up on Tuesday, July 2nd and by the evening of July 4th I had 3 offers for the house, all over the asking price. Bob was helpful throughout inspection, repairs, and settlement. I value his friendship and would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone, anytime."  --Nelda R.


 "We have bought and sold 10 times at least up and down the east coast.  Bob was there every minute with an answer for every little thing.  I wish I had someone to refer to him immediately.  I can't wait for the next person I know who needs a realtor.  His business card will be in my purse.  I'm so thankful for his time and effort."  --Deborah J.